Все материалы, размещённые на сайте, имеют исключительно информативный характер. Ни владелец сайта, ни авторы статей не несут никакой ответственности за результаты Вашей деятельности на финансовых рынках. Использование любых материалов сайта возможно только с указанием ссылки на оригинал и автора.

Small-Cap.ru is not an investment advisory service, nor a registered investment advisor or broker-dealer and does not purport to tell or suggest which securities customers should buy or sell for themselves.
All information provided is for entertainment and/or educational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice. You should never rely on the Information provided to make any investment. You should always check with your licensed financial advisor and tax advisor to determine the suitability of any investment.

All contents of the Service are provided for information and educational purposes only. You agree that the Service should not be interpreted as investment advice, as an endorsement of any security, or as an offer to buy or sell any security. Small-Cap is not a registered broker dealer, or financial advisor. Small-Cap does not provide personal investment advice. You also understand and agree that, from time to time, any or all of the information providers or their affiliates may hold positions in securities mentioned and that they may trade for their own account based on this information. Members and visitors to Small-Cap should assume at all times that any and every stock, ETF, or other investments that is discussed, listed, and or referred to or which appear at the website in any form (including every stock screen) may also be currently owned by Small-Cap’s owners or affiliates.

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