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Вырезка с чата Натана

В чате скинули небольшую вырезку с чата Натана. Кто знает Modern Rock и как он торгует будет полезно почитать, ну и просто для общего развития.

Alphadawg (4:16pm 12th Aug) : ZYNE is a juicy IPO that I nibbled a SS today
BPTrader (4:16pm 12th Aug) : yeah those IPO’s can have awesome day 1 moves
LatinPro (4:16pm 12th Aug) : what a trade for nasdaqcowboy…… congrats man!
dough (4:17pm 12th Aug) : speaking of DGLY that stock snuck up today
thepda (4:17pm 12th Aug) : Interesting. I wonder why a lot of folks don’t call patience RISK. You should be resetting your risk on the way down, no? So shouldn’t he have been covering some all the way through the day?
InvestorsLive (4:17pm 12th Aug) : if ur building account absolutely
InvestorsLive (4:17pm 12th Aug) : if you’ve made good money and you’re looking to let a good entry work for you
InvestorsLive (4:17pm 12th Aug) : %%%%% it let it go
InvestorsLive (4:18pm 12th Aug) : theres a big difference between the guy thats trying to make trading work
InvestorsLive (4:18pm 12th Aug) : and the guy that already has
InvestorsLive (4:18pm 12th Aug) : and what risk/patience is right for them
lloadd (4:18pm 12th Aug) : SUNE perking
lloadd (4:18pm 12th Aug) : 14.72
d4ytrad3 (4:18pm 12th Aug) : SUNE news
thepda (4:18pm 12th Aug) : I see, so you mean he’s basically just okay with going flat on the day as risk?
thepda (4:18pm 12th Aug) : So like, let it ride until it reaches flat?
LatinPro (4:18pm 12th Aug) : if someone didnt bank today he really needs to watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuHfVn_cfHU
thepda (4:18pm 12th Aug) : I mean IF it does
CLNTrades (4:18pm 12th Aug) : i would say he has conviction
zerix (4:19pm 12th Aug) : SUNE rip
zerix (4:19pm 12th Aug) : oh news sorry
Otto (4:19pm 12th Aug) : NICE!
zerix (4:19pm 12th Aug) : SUNE rip
zerix (4:19pm 12th Aug) : oh news sorry
Otto (4:19pm 12th Aug) : NICE!
zerix (4:19pm 12th Aug) : SUNE rip
zerix (4:19pm 12th Aug) : oh news sorry
Otto (4:19pm 12th Aug) : NICE!
zerix (4:19pm 12th Aug) : SUNE rip
zerix (4:19pm 12th Aug) : oh news sorry
Otto (4:19pm 12th Aug) : NICE!
zerix (4:19pm 12th Aug) : SUNE rip
zerix (4:19pm 12th Aug) : oh news sorry
Otto (4:19pm 12th Aug) : NICE!
OddStockTrader (4:20pm 12th Aug) : very nice
OddStockTrader (4:20pm 12th Aug) : SUNE SunEdison Announces Dominion Partnership In 420 Megawatt, Four Brothers Solar Project In Utah -Dow Jones
chronic (4:21pm 12th Aug) : Hey Nate, just wondering why are you so against posting crowded trades? Is it because you feel the risk is greater or another reason?
ModernRock (4:22pm 12th Aug) : which one was over crowded today
chronic (4:22pm 12th Aug) : He considered CERE
chronic (4:22pm 12th Aug) : Said he wasn’t posting it, too crowded
d4ytrad3 (4:22pm 12th Aug) : SUNE given runup prolly gets sold back some
ModernRock (4:22pm 12th Aug) : CERE huge vol. i didnt think it was too over crowded
chronic (4:23pm 12th Aug) : Righta
chronic (4:23pm 12th Aug) : Btw I held all day too, you didn’t mention me in your tweet!
chronic (4:23pm 12th Aug) : 😉
ModernRock (4:23pm 12th Aug) : CERE did not trade thin at all like VLTC or AQXP
InvestorsLive (4:23pm 12th Aug) : uhh
ModernRock (4:23pm 12th Aug) : haha congrats chronic
InvestorsLive (4:23pm 12th Aug) : u musta slept in?
InvestorsLive (4:23pm 12th Aug) : lol
InvestorsLive (4:23pm 12th Aug) : didnt trade thin ???
ModernRock (4:23pm 12th Aug) : once the peak hit
InvestorsLive (4:23pm 12th Aug) : oh yes
InvestorsLive (4:23pm 12th Aug) : totally different
InvestorsLive (4:23pm 12th Aug) : but on way up man oh man super thin
ModernRock (4:23pm 12th Aug) : premarket you suicide if short yes
ModernRock (4:23pm 12th Aug) : it topped out a little after the open
InvestorsLive (4:24pm 12th Aug) : RIGHT after peak in that last push on $4
InvestorsLive (4:24pm 12th Aug) : never looked back thast why i added final hour
ModernRock (4:24pm 12th Aug) : premarket if you short or trade that’s all on you… suicide
thepda (4:24pm 12th Aug) : If you are new and don’t know how to manage your position size correctly, hold a bias or don’t know how to trade solo without alerts then yeah its probably better to stay away from volatile tickers
InvestorsLive (4:24pm 12th Aug) : all the dip buyers had no where to go
InvestorsLive (4:24pm 12th Aug) : 100% thepda ^^
InvestorsLive (4:24pm 12th Aug) : thats why i am a broken record every morning 🙂
chronic (4:24pm 12th Aug) : Hey it’s good though
ModernRock (4:24pm 12th Aug) : rule of thumb for the super crazies: wait for the open and see how it settles
chronic (4:24pm 12th Aug) : Protects a lot
ModernRock (4:24pm 12th Aug) : oh i was short biased all day. never went long once. the chart was downtrend all day
chronic (4:24pm 12th Aug) : Yeah I shorted after the first minute low broke
chronic (4:25pm 12th Aug) : Then held
ModernRock (4:25pm 12th Aug) : i posited on twitter i was short all day biased. i saw the room go long i dunno why
ModernRock (4:25pm 12th Aug) : but thanks i guess you bought my sells lol
ModernRock (4:25pm 12th Aug) : thats why i tweeted. i was curious why some trying to force a bounce
ModernRock (4:26pm 12th Aug) : but who knows. could of been an AQXP but it didnt
chronic (4:26pm 12th Aug) : But yeah I was just wondering why Nate was against posting his short bias after the open settled a bit that’s all
CLNTrades (4:26pm 12th Aug) : go long CERE?
MW92101 (4:26pm 12th Aug) : funny, I could have banked on CERE with my thesis of trade the trend break, no %%%% shares, so tired of that
thepda (4:26pm 12th Aug) : I think some folks scalped the small channel around 2.60’s long
CLNTrades (4:27pm 12th Aug) : i hardly read chat the first 10 mins
Fozzie (4:27pm 12th Aug) : yeah no shares at IB, paper trading it just doesnt reap the same reward :/
CLNTrades (4:27pm 12th Aug) : o you mean pre market
ModernRock (4:27pm 12th Aug) : premarket… avoid if you are unexperienced
InvestorsLive (4:27pm 12th Aug) : any NEW trader should wait POST parabolic move
InvestorsLive (4:27pm 12th Aug) : and LOWER high
InvestorsLive (4:27pm 12th Aug) : so they have SET risk
ModernRock (4:27pm 12th Aug) : yes
InvestorsLive (4:27pm 12th Aug) : period
InvestorsLive (4:27pm 12th Aug) : it works works works
MW92101 (4:27pm 12th Aug) : yeah PM that was my 2 cents at Nate put it, lol
ModernRock (4:27pm 12th Aug) : agreed
InvestorsLive (4:27pm 12th Aug) : until one doesnt
InvestorsLive (4:27pm 12th Aug) : and then ur odne
InvestorsLive (4:27pm 12th Aug) : u can nail 10 of them
ModernRock (4:27pm 12th Aug) : yes wait for it to top so you can use the top as the STOP
InvestorsLive (4:27pm 12th Aug) : 11th blows you out
InvestorsLive (4:27pm 12th Aug) : cuz u have confidence
InvestorsLive (4:27pm 12th Aug) : and dont think it will happen
InvestorsLive (4:28pm 12th Aug) : cuz all the others worked out
InvestorsLive (4:28pm 12th Aug) : that why — VLTC style
InvestorsLive (4:28pm 12th Aug) : that chart I posted other day
InvestorsLive (4:28pm 12th Aug) : https://twitter.com/InvestorsLive/status/630749758349529088
InvestorsLive (4:28pm 12th Aug) : 10AM short = NOT OK for newbs
ModernRock (4:28pm 12th Aug) : momentum trading requires experince
InvestorsLive (4:28pm 12th Aug) : (less size)
Alphadawg (4:28pm 12th Aug) : Great advice Nate. Lotsa smal wins, followed by a blow-up causes traders to apply for a job at Wal mart if they’re not careful
InvestorsLive (4:28pm 12th Aug) : 1020AM short risk off HODs or
InvestorsLive (4:28pm 12th Aug) : 13s OVER/UNDER peak
InvestorsLive (4:28pm 12th Aug) : risk to prior high
InvestorsLive (4:28pm 12th Aug) : is BETTER
sbhimire (4:28pm 12th Aug) : CERE $4 VWAP stuff was nice tell I think
ModernRock (4:28pm 12th Aug) : easiest type of trades imo are chart based once it settles . then you can scalp in between channels
ModernRock (4:29pm 12th Aug) : once you learn, then you can build more
InvestorsLive (4:29pm 12th Aug) : no matter how good u are
InvestorsLive (4:29pm 12th Aug) : still going to make mistakes
InvestorsLive (4:29pm 12th Aug) : myself included
ModernRock (4:29pm 12th Aug) : but cherry pickign guessing the tops bottoms thats deadly
InvestorsLive (4:29pm 12th Aug) : if playing the front side
InvestorsLive (4:29pm 12th Aug) : thats why always best to wait for back side
Fozzie (4:29pm 12th Aug) : MR were you scalping the 2.60 — 2.90 channel ?
InvestorsLive (4:29pm 12th Aug) : nothing wrongw/ FRONT side as long as educated risk
ModernRock (4:29pm 12th Aug) : just make sure you have an exit plan is all. you can trade whatever but always have a stop
InvestorsLive (4:29pm 12th Aug) : but when ur trading 3-5 mil float stocks
MW92101 (4:29pm 12th Aug) : r u saying a trend channel or a sideways channel ROCK?
MW92101 (4:30pm 12th Aug) : or both, lol?
chronic (4:30pm 12th Aug) : I’m not sure how you guys get the confidence to short the front side so easily. What is the pattern you are following in your mind? Where is the risk? Thanks!
ModernRock (4:30pm 12th Aug) : saying when it’s ripping in the morning cherry picking the top is deadly. where is the top? you have to move your charts out to a year
chronic (4:30pm 12th Aug) : Yes exactly^
ModernRock (4:30pm 12th Aug) : charts to a year had it 4 and 4.50
ModernRock (4:31pm 12th Aug) : it conformed this time
MW92101 (4:31pm 12th Aug) : just wondering how you know when it has «settled»
ModernRock (4:31pm 12th Aug) : settles when you see a triple top
chronic (4:31pm 12th Aug) : Then just cover if it breaks?
MW92101 (4:31pm 12th Aug) : 🙂
ModernRock (4:31pm 12th Aug) : just a rule of thumnb. its not exact of course
ModernRock (4:31pm 12th Aug) : once it blows up more you have to stop
thepda (4:31pm 12th Aug) : Can sometimes use whole and half dollar marks as guides too
ThePacer (4:31pm 12th Aug) : 3.89~ was triple top today yeah?
ThePacer (4:31pm 12th Aug) : ish
Mikez (4:32pm 12th Aug) : tx guys so the safest entry with confirmation may have been the $4 stuff @9.45, after confirmation, risk o/u $4 in he case of CERE?
ModernRock (4:32pm 12th Aug) : i mitigate my risk by partials. enter feeler trades small at first spot of resistrance
thepda (4:32pm 12th Aug) : ^^ Boom right there
stapes1 (4:32pm 12th Aug) : SOURCE: Form 4 ISSUER: AQUINOX PHARMACEUTICALS INC SYMBOL: AQXP FILER: PFIZER INC TITLE: Beneficial Owner DATE TRANSACTION SHARES PRICE VALUE 8/10/15 Sale 259,927 $26.47 $6,880,294
d4ytrad3 (4:32pm 12th Aug) : AQXP more sells
thepda (4:32pm 12th Aug) : Position size is how you won’t blow up when you’re wrong
ModernRock (4:32pm 12th Aug) : goign small paritals affords me to add at next resistance
ModernRock (4:32pm 12th Aug) : front side DEADLY
chronic (4:32pm 12th Aug) : Mikez I get huge confidence when I see a high volume rejection like that definitely
zerix (4:33pm 12th Aug) : CERE when 4 stuffed this morning, i would consider that «settled» imo
ModernRock (4:33pm 12th Aug) : under $3.50 first signs if you waited
ModernRock (4:33pm 12th Aug) : to short
Mikez (4:33pm 12th Aug) : tx guys
ModernRock (4:33pm 12th Aug) : good luck i’m outtie
ThePacer (4:33pm 12th Aug) : this is good convo
ModernRock (4:33pm 12th Aug) : i suck too . i left a car on the table
chronic (4:33pm 12th Aug) : Bye thanks!
ModernRock (4:33pm 12th Aug) : oh well lol
ThePacer (4:33pm 12th Aug) : didn’t want to leave until MR did
thepda (4:34pm 12th Aug) : But you didn’t lose one MR
Phad (4:34pm 12th Aug) : thanks, MR!
zerix (4:34pm 12th Aug) : did you leave a FORD on the table MR?
ModernRock (4:34pm 12th Aug) : but nate is right.. you can be right 10 times. the 11th if you have no risk managemtn you’re screwed. i will talk about that too in Vegas
Joeway (4:34pm 12th Aug) : is there anyway to keep the window steady as im reading through the chat instead of going back down when someone posts?
Joeway (4:34pm 12th Aug) : pretty annoying
ModernRock (4:34pm 12th Aug) : so i’m green like every single day for 3 straight weeks. 1 red day. but that red day blew up months work
Joeway (4:35pm 12th Aug) : i need to keep scrolling back up
chronic (4:35pm 12th Aug) : Yeah Tim Grittani has a similar issue I believe. Not covering on HOD screwed him once in a while but big time
robertointernet (4:35pm 12th Aug) : which stock MR?
ModernRock (4:35pm 12th Aug) : ITEK
ModernRock (4:36pm 12th Aug) : i will share it at the confernce
chronic (4:36pm 12th Aug) : Will it be recorded?
ModernRock (4:36pm 12th Aug) : but seriosuly that was my only red day in a month lol
MW92101 (4:36pm 12th Aug) : ha, ITEK got me too!
ModernRock (4:36pm 12th Aug) : but that red day was brutal
ModernRock (4:36pm 12th Aug) : i was too arrogant
ModernRock (4:36pm 12th Aug) : risk managemtn went out the door as i shorted front side w/o a plan
ModernRock (4:36pm 12th Aug) : my plan was to keep adding
ModernRock (4:36pm 12th Aug) : thats not a plan
MW92101 (4:36pm 12th Aug) : my biggest loss ever, humbled me
Alphadawg (4:37pm 12th Aug) : I ahve some underwater ITEK from last week too. Same issue. Didn’t exit when i should have and now it’s a waiting game. For now it cancels many green days
ModernRock (4:37pm 12th Aug) : after that play i created ruiles for myuself:
ModernRock (4:37pm 12th Aug) : HARD RULES I MUST FOLLOW:
ModernRock (4:37pm 12th Aug) : 1) time based rule. by 10:30-11am if i am DOWN on a play I LIQUIDATE
ModernRock (4:37pm 12th Aug) : 2) always have a OH %%%%% max size loss rule
ModernRock (4:38pm 12th Aug) : but rule #1 usually is the KEY for me
ModernRock (4:38pm 12th Aug) : gave the stock some time, didnt work. move on
ModernRock (4:38pm 12th Aug) : this way you dont keep adding adding
ModernRock (4:38pm 12th Aug) : we are all constantly learning. no gurus here man
chronic (4:38pm 12th Aug) : Tim Sykes?
MW92101 (4:38pm 12th Aug) : is ur max loss rule tied to a % of account, avergage daily gain, or something else?
Phad (4:38pm 12th Aug) : speak not the name
Alphadawg (4:39pm 12th Aug) : «Win dollars and lose dimes», with dimes being stop-losses if my plan starts going teh wrong way
robertointernet (4:39pm 12th Aug) : I like the time based rule
ModernRock (4:39pm 12th Aug) : any idiot who posts piles of $1 wrapped with $100 on the outside to lure suckers to join.. i mean dude they need to go ot jail
robertointernet (4:39pm 12th Aug) : similar to epica
chronic (4:39pm 12th Aug) : Yeah I thought what he does was illegal
Fozzie (4:39pm 12th Aug) : i started in Tims chat, he lured me in, i agree he deserves to be shutdown, total scam artist
MW92101 (4:39pm 12th Aug) : not illegal, misleading
ModernRock (4:40pm 12th Aug) : illegal
chronic (4:40pm 12th Aug) : Even the alerts he sells into, etc?
snuffleplatypus (4:40pm 12th Aug) : Tim is what he says he is, a teacher. those who cant do.
ModernRock (4:40pm 12th Aug) : faking $
ModernRock (4:40pm 12th Aug) : is illegal
Bertonwong (4:40pm 12th Aug) : especially tough on individuals with PDT rule because you end up holding longer than also when following a guru
ModernRock (4:40pm 12th Aug) : but keep trying guys
Bertonwong (4:40pm 12th Aug) : went through that phase
ModernRock (4:40pm 12th Aug) : i would say best when starting out: pick easier trades
ModernRock (4:40pm 12th Aug) : avoid the crazy quick runners
ModernRock (4:40pm 12th Aug) : if you do do quick runners DONT FIGHT TREND
MW92101 (4:41pm 12th Aug) : I though you were talking about his trading, which maybe could be illegal too depending on how you look at it
ModernRock (4:41pm 12th Aug) : stock goes up, you should be LONG
BPTrader (4:41pm 12th Aug) : what I can’t figure out is when his fan boys blow up…they still praise him…very strange
ModernRock (4:41pm 12th Aug) : key is DONT FIGHT THE TREND
ModernRock (4:41pm 12th Aug) : simple but hard to do mentally all the time
Fozzie (4:41pm 12th Aug) : conspiracy theory: I think Tim is paying/incentivising somehow to that 16 year old kid to start what he did, trying to bring tons of youngins into tims room
ModernRock (4:42pm 12th Aug) : that kid is trying to become a guru. sellign AFFILIATE link subs
chronic (4:42pm 12th Aug) : Bao real quick what do you consider an easy trade?
Alphadawg (4:42pm 12th Aug) : The ones that blow up then go away quietly. he then recruits more newbies
chronic (4:42pm 12th Aug) : I can’t seem to find any…
ModernRock (4:42pm 12th Aug) : easier trade would be trades that CONFORM to charts
BPTrader (4:42pm 12th Aug) : if you pay a 16 yr old to teach you the market, you deserve to lose money haha
ModernRock (4:42pm 12th Aug) : channel trades
ModernRock (4:42pm 12th Aug) : high resistance short
ModernRock (4:42pm 12th Aug) : low support buy
BPTrader (4:42pm 12th Aug) : Chronic…read MR’s trading fish tweets
chronic (4:43pm 12th Aug) : I have!
ModernRock (4:43pm 12th Aug) : dude seriously 3k — 5k positions off CERE during the lull while i was on my bed watching Deadliest Catch reruns i made a few k lol
BPTrader (4:43pm 12th Aug) : somebody consolidated all the main ones…very good start
Alphadawg (4:43pm 12th Aug) : When alot of peopel don’t knowthe basics and/or have PDT limits, then thiose are the pockets I try to pick. Easier than picking the pockets of great traders!
Fozzie (4:43pm 12th Aug) : MR do you wait for only one top or bottum to start scalping trend during lull or for it to confirm twice ? ex. CERE today
ModernRock (4:43pm 12th Aug) : so mornings i do largher size at open
ModernRock (4:43pm 12th Aug) : more position trades morning
ModernRock (4:43pm 12th Aug) : then lull i either go to bed to prevent over trading
ModernRock (4:43pm 12th Aug) : or wait for channels using my stratgey of shorting high resistance points
ModernRock (4:44pm 12th Aug) : and covering support
chronic (4:44pm 12th Aug) : That makes sense, thank you!
ModernRock (4:44pm 12th Aug) : point is try diff things
ModernRock (4:44pm 12th Aug) : do what works for you
ModernRock (4:44pm 12th Aug) : sometimes its a combo
ModernRock (4:44pm 12th Aug) : diff starategies for diff plays
Bertonwong (4:44pm 12th Aug) : look at NFLX chart past few days
Bertonwong (4:44pm 12th Aug) : been trading like what MR is talking about
ModernRock (4:44pm 12th Aug) : not one strategy will work for all sitautions
ModernRock (4:45pm 12th Aug) : i am all about pattern recognition
ModernRock (4:45pm 12th Aug) : look at a chart and you seen it before so you instinctually trade it
Bertonwong (4:45pm 12th Aug) : i’ve been longing and shorting tops and bottoms for a couple days and its been working so far
ModernRock (4:45pm 12th Aug) : so the more charts the more situations you see, the better you are
ModernRock (4:45pm 12th Aug) : nothing replaces experience
Bertonwong (4:45pm 12th Aug) : .60c-1 scalps
ModernRock (4:45pm 12th Aug) : have to keep at it
Bertonwong (4:45pm 12th Aug) : only 100 shares haha
ModernRock (4:45pm 12th Aug) : once you are good at it , you can expand your tool belt
ModernRock (4:46pm 12th Aug) : but charts for me is essential
ModernRock (4:46pm 12th Aug) : if you must learn any 1 thing it’s charts
ModernRock (4:46pm 12th Aug) : the mornigns are for momentum guys who are fast
ModernRock (4:46pm 12th Aug) : midday are more channel based
4carats (4:46pm 12th Aug) : MR which indicators do you use?
chronic (4:46pm 12th Aug) : TTL
ModernRock (4:46pm 12th Aug) : TTL indicator LOL
Bertonwong (4:47pm 12th Aug) : lol
ModernRock (4:47pm 12th Aug) : use basic charting
ModernRock (4:47pm 12th Aug) : nothing fancy
ModernRock (4:47pm 12th Aug) : always be on lookout for what i call «too many times to the well»
schang91 (4:47pm 12th Aug) : MR… can you please explain how you trade during mid day thru channel?
schang91 (4:47pm 12th Aug) : channel trades always chop me up
Bertonwong (4:47pm 12th Aug) : i’m only using time and sales, am I at a huge disadvantage not looking at level 2?
ModernRock (4:47pm 12th Aug) : use charts
ModernRock (4:47pm 12th Aug) : L2 is not important as charts for naz
Bertonwong (4:48pm 12th Aug) : ic
BPTrader (4:48pm 12th Aug) : he just explained that a few posts up^^ shang
Bertonwong (4:48pm 12th Aug) : ty
ModernRock (4:48pm 12th Aug) : NYMX i’ll give excample
ModernRock (4:48pm 12th Aug) : i saw it pop to 2.80
ModernRock (4:48pm 12th Aug) : but i wasnt readcy to short
ModernRock (4:48pm 12th Aug) : i waited for the NEXT one up. the HIGHER chart resistance
ModernRock (4:48pm 12th Aug) : so wehn 3.20s came i started to short
ModernRock (4:48pm 12th Aug) : up to 3.28
ModernRock (4:48pm 12th Aug) : then coverd early 3.03
ModernRock (4:49pm 12th Aug) : that was midday
ModernRock (4:49pm 12th Aug) : i wasnt ready for a position swing since it was too new
ModernRock (4:49pm 12th Aug) : and midday is scary
ModernRock (4:49pm 12th Aug) : so i took a scalp
ModernRock (4:49pm 12th Aug) : dont attack the very first spike EVER
ModernRock (4:49pm 12th Aug) : wait for the 3rd
ModernRock (4:49pm 12th Aug) : BUT remmeber , if you miss there’s always the next play
ModernRock (4:49pm 12th Aug) : dont chase it outseide the zone
Bertonwong (4:49pm 12th Aug) : very true on not shorting first spike
Bertonwong (4:50pm 12th Aug) : and thats with a 5 min chart lol
schang91 (4:50pm 12th Aug) : MR… so you started at 3.2s Mid day… what was your risk? 3.28 you said?
ModernRock (4:50pm 12th Aug) : anwyays i gotta go. now you know to omuch lol
ModernRock (4:50pm 12th Aug) : good luck guys
ModernRock (4:50pm 12th Aug) : 3.20s i started small only
ModernRock (4:50pm 12th Aug) : like 1/4th
ModernRock (4:50pm 12th Aug) : i never made it to even a 1/2 position
ModernRock (4:50pm 12th Aug) : i was too perfect lol sucks sometiumes like that. you cant fill size
ShadowTrader78 (4:50pm 12th Aug) : MR…I saw on one of your pictures that you use line charts over candles or bars…are they easier to read?
chronic (4:50pm 12th Aug) : Thanks again MR we really appreciate it. If you can write a blog about some trades you do. Better than answering 1000x times here maybe? Anyway thanks!
ModernRock (4:51pm 12th Aug) : candles are good. i just odnt have it on
ModernRock (4:51pm 12th Aug) : good lukc guys
schang91 (4:51pm 12th Aug) : MR… thanks first time hearing from you coaching like this… very nice!!!
Bertonwong (4:51pm 12th Aug) : you use line charts?!
ModernRock (4:51pm 12th Aug) : remember, dont follow anyone. learn different things from each person
tradingarsenal2 (4:51pm 12th Aug) : MR post here more often… leave twter
ModernRock (4:51pm 12th Aug) : and develop your own style
tradingarsenal2 (4:51pm 12th Aug) : 😉
TrudeauLVNV (4:51pm 12th Aug) : Thank MR
ModernRock (4:51pm 12th Aug) : trading must meet your own personal personality
Phad (4:51pm 12th Aug) : Rock rules! thanks as always!
4carats (4:51pm 12th Aug) : ok be nice what is TTL indicator
Clostrades (4:51pm 12th Aug) : MR ty
Fozzie (4:51pm 12th Aug) : cheers
schang91 (4:51pm 12th Aug) : Now, I like MR a bit more haha
fairfield (4:51pm 12th Aug) : Does MR ever long? Or shorts only?
ModernRock (4:51pm 12th Aug) : find your own NICHE as i say
sbhimire (4:51pm 12th Aug) : yep I hav enever seen MR so patient and explain it in that detail
schang91 (4:51pm 12th Aug) : keep this up for all of us MR!!!
ShadowTrader78 (4:52pm 12th Aug) : thanks MR
DayTrader1111 (4:52pm 12th Aug) : Great chat guys. Thanks MR for hanging back to chat
ModernRock (4:52pm 12th Aug) : 🙂 see ya guys
sbhimire (4:52pm 12th Aug) : He is in good mood today lol
sbhimire (4:52pm 12th Aug) : THanks MR
schang91 (4:52pm 12th Aug) : post good stuff here… not twitter 🙂
ModernRock (4:52pm 12th Aug) : makign $ always puts you in a good mood lol
Phad (4:52pm 12th Aug) : lol
Birdman (4:52pm 12th Aug) : Thanks MR!
schang91 (4:52pm 12th Aug) : I am still down as of today… still in a bad mood haha
tradingarsenal2 (4:52pm 12th Aug) : I thought for you was BJ 😉
tradingarsenal2 (4:53pm 12th Aug) : for better mood
tradingarsenal2 (4:53pm 12th Aug) : hahaa
ModernRock (4:53pm 12th Aug) : 🙂 gnite
tradingarsenal2 (4:53pm 12th Aug) : that too i guess
DanielFaria14 (4:53pm 12th Aug) : Thaks for sharing MR
schang91 (4:53pm 12th Aug) : thoiught you live in SJ MR? good nite?
tradingarsenal2 (4:52pm 12th Aug) : I thought for you was BJ 😉
tradingarsenal2 (4:53pm 12th Aug) : for better mood
tradingarsenal2 (4:53pm 12th Aug) : hahaa
ModernRock (4:53pm 12th Aug) : 🙂 gnite
tradingarsenal2 (4:53pm 12th Aug) : that too i guess
DanielFaria14 (4:53pm 12th Aug) : Thaks for sharing MR
schang91 (4:53pm 12th Aug) : thoiught you live in SJ MR? good nite?
tradingarsenal2 (4:52pm 12th Aug) : I thought for you was BJ 😉
tradingarsenal2 (4:53pm 12th Aug) : for better mood
tradingarsenal2 (4:53pm 12th Aug) : hahaa
ModernRock (4:53pm 12th Aug) : 🙂 gnite
tradingarsenal2 (4:53pm 12th Aug) : that too i guess
DanielFaria14 (4:53pm 12th Aug) : Thaks for sharing MR
schang91 (4:53pm 12th Aug) : thoiught you live in SJ MR? good nite?
tradingarsenal2 (4:52pm 12th Aug) : I thought for you was BJ 😉
tradingarsenal2 (4:53pm 12th Aug) : for better mood
tradingarsenal2 (4:53pm 12th Aug) : hahaa
ModernRock (4:53pm 12th Aug) : 🙂 gnite
tradingarsenal2 (4:53pm 12th Aug) : that too i guess
DanielFaria14 (4:53pm 12th Aug) : Thaks for sharing MR
schang91 (4:53pm 12th Aug) : thoiught you live in SJ MR? good nite?
tradingarsenal2 (4:52pm 12th Aug) : I thought for you was BJ 😉
tradingarsenal2 (4:53pm 12th Aug) : for better mood
tradingarsenal2 (4:53pm 12th Aug) : hahaa
ModernRock (4:53pm 12th Aug) : 🙂 gnite
tradingarsenal2 (4:53pm 12th Aug) : that too i guess
DanielFaria14 (4:53pm 12th Aug) : Thaks for sharing MR
schang91 (4:53pm 12th Aug) : thoiught you live in SJ MR? good nite?
tradingarsenal2 (4:52pm 12th Aug) : I thought for you was BJ 😉
tradingarsenal2 (4:53pm 12th Aug) : for better mood
tradingarsenal2 (4:53pm 12th Aug) : hahaa
ModernRock (4:53pm 12th Aug) : 🙂 gnite
tradingarsenal2 (4:53pm 12th Aug) : that too i guess
DanielFaria14 (4:53pm 12th Aug) : Thaks for sharing MR
schang91 (4:53pm 12th Aug) : thoiught you live in SJ MR? good nite?
schang91 (4:53pm 12th Aug) : oh well… that was cool from MR… first time ever
Phad (4:54pm 12th Aug) : great Kunal quote- «ModernRock is like the Yoda of trading»
schang91 (4:54pm 12th Aug) : yea… and I am like storm troops of trading (dumb and robotic)
heliosjd (4:54pm 12th Aug) : must be the MCallan he has open by the side of the trading desk
schang91 (4:54pm 12th Aug) : haha
heliosjd (4:54pm 12th Aug) : MaCallan
Phad (4:55pm 12th Aug) : he’s earned it
schang91 (4:55pm 12th Aug) : man… getting greedy again on SUNE… didn’t lock in and down back down below $15 sigh
BPTrader (4:57pm 12th Aug) : have a good one guys…awesome day today
Phad (5:09pm 12th Aug) : good night
snuffleplatypus (5:14pm 12th Aug) : one that that hasnt been brought up, but how much does this deal even benefit SUNE? gnite all.

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